Governor Sununu “Opted-in” to FirstNet and joined
all 50 States, 5 Territories, and the District of Columbia electing to have AT&T
construct the FirstNet initiative nationwide and specifically here in New
Hampshire. FirstNet awarded its core contract to AT&T in March of 2017 and
has been working in a collaborative effort to promote this nationwide wireless
broadband network. New Hampshire, through the Statewide Interoperability
Executive (SIEC) Committee has conducted a host of meetings with FirstNet/
AT&T for the past year, illustrating the State’s needs and defining areas where
coverage is a necessity, not only for first responder safety, but also providing
increased broadband coverage to areas of the State that have been severely lacking.
We have every intention of working with FirstNet/AT&T and making this effort successful on behalf of all
our first responders, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our sincere appreciation for the extraordinary
efforts of Rivada Networks over this past year in providing New Hampshire with an extremely attractive and
viable Alternative FirstNet Plan. Although the decision was made to take a different pathway, everything we
learned over the past several years has and will enable us to represent the State of New Hampshire and Public
Safety specifically, by being more informed and dramatically more enlightened as to how to approach our first
responder needs and provide FirstNet coverage to areas of the State that today is non-existent.
As we approach this New Year, the SWIC’s Office will be reaching out to communities and public safety
agencies throughout the State to introduce FirstNet/AT&T capabilities and programs. It’s important for you
as a consumer to understand the cost and capability of FirstNet in your given area and to assess if this
represents an advantageous opportunity, in comparison of costs and coverage, for your community and your
public safety agencies. This will be your opportunity to assess your current area wireless broadband provider,
measuring that against the offerings of FirstNet/AT&T and provide your community with the best possible
options for broadband coverage. With this in mind, I have attached a list of questions that you should
consider when deciding upon your broadband service provider and should not hesitate to ask when you
meet with them. Keep in mind that FirstNet was created as a dedicated Public Safety Network established
for the expressed purpose of providing wireless broadband LTE coverage, with priority preemption to all
first responders in times of critical needs. FirstNet chose to have a national carrier provide this service and
although the decision was to “Opt-in,” it is a local decision as to what service provider provides the best
opportunity (cost and coverage) for you to handle your communication needs. The Office of Interoperability
stands committed to work with communities throughout New Hampshire in detailing the FirstNet program
and credentialing the opportunities that will enhance your individual LTE experience.
If this office can provide any additional information or if you wish to set-up an appointment with FirstNet/
AT&T please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call 603-223-8003. Expansion of wireless
broadband coverage is becoming a reality in New Hampshire and we are happy to assist any community or
Public Safety agency in the development of this opportunity.