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ICE FIELDS Boston arrests 80 criminal aliens during a targeted enforcement action focused non-cooperative jurisdictions across 6 New England states

BOSTON STRONG news - Boston, MA: ICE Boston reports Officers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) arrested 80 criminal aliens during a 5-day period, from…
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Awareness - Preparedness - Resiliency

Historic Occurrences – 1938 Great New England and Long Island Express Hurricane killed 682+ people

The majority of the storm damage was from storm surge and wind. The winds reached up to 150 mph with waves surging to around 25–35 feet high. Readings from the Blue Hills Observatory showed…
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New Hampshire Joins 50 Attorneys General in Google Multistate Antitrust Investigation

NH STRONG news - Concord, NH: NH DOJ Attorney General reports – Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald today announced that New Hampshire has joined 50 attorneys general in a multistate investigation of…
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Governor Chris Sununu Protects the Constitutional Rights of Law Abiding New Hampshire Citizens – Vetoes three anti-second amendment bills

Today, I vetoed three anti-second amendment bills. These bills would not solve our national issues nor would they prevent evil individuals from doing harm, but they would further restrict the…
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NH State Officials Allow Five Times Higher Water Toxins than Vermont’s New Drinking Water Standard

Industrial Water Disaster – Mass Bottled Water Pulled from VT Shelves for Exceeding Safe Toxic Levels. Haverhill, Massachusetts Spring Hill Dairy provides bottled water under store-brand labels at Shaw’s, Cumberland…
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